Monday, 7 September 2009

Technical Update

Well, I stripped the RG down to the bare rotary valves, and low & behold someone had installed it as if it was on the right hand side, and not on the left - I flipped it over and rebuilt the bike, and of course it starts and idles much more smoothly - this means that I have run both at Pau and Magny-Cours with the rotary disk valve in this position! I can't wait to see what horses I have released!

I also received my gearbox sprockets so a small one of them will go on for Croix (I hope it wheelies after all this). Laurent had also sent through my damper rods, so I have just spent the rest of the evening putting the forks back together and on the bike. The springs are massively stiff so good for my weight, however I am not so sure about the gold valves - we'll have to wait and see.

The 350 just needs the exhaust and tank fitting and it'll be ready, if nothing leaks (cylinder head gasket, must be on it's 5/6th cycle....) I will have to start it tomorrow. 

Anyway the RG is now back in the trailer as we are off on Thursday evening.

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