Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Last modifications finished

Well, not much news really. My list of things to do is finished except putting on my numbers. I have put stops for the steering which prevent the levers touching the fairing - so it should get through scrutineering, plus the catch bottles are done - I ended up putting the radiator bottle in the fairing, and a couple of smaller bottles picking up the residue that comes out of the carbs. (hmmmmm...) All the lock wiring has been done - mental note to make a tool to avoid breaking the 1.5 mm drill bits I have been using! I have made a curved gear lever which will prevent any interference with the gear rod, and finally I changed the handlebar grips, which was a cock up, as the throttle has small plastic ridges on it to prevent the grip slipping off and the ones I bought did not fit....Anyway it got nice carbon look alike bungs in the ends of the clipons....

Just waiting for the first race which will now be at Crois-en-Ternois the weekend of the 10/11th May.

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