Friday, 21 November 2008


Well, I spent the day working on the bikes, the race stator seems to be the cause of the popping and backfiring, and the power valve controller seems to be dead as well, although I think I can say that the ignition boxes (both sets) work OK.

With my Yamaha Stator the bike starts and runs fine, although would not rev through the mid-range. I have not had time to look at why as yet, but it could be that the carbs are not setup properly, and the fact that the power valve is not connected doesn't help.

I wanted to get going again on the RG 500, and the next steps are to fit the GSXR 750 forks and make the new rear wheel (4.5") fit the RG swinging arm. The GSXR Wheel uses a 20 mm axel, and the RG standard is only 17 mm therefore I will need to enlarge the holes in the swinging arm to take the bigger axle. Some guys were proposing re-enforced swinging arms on the French RG forum, with the modification already done, and I was hoping to buy one in as modifying the original item is no return! The problem is that they don't reply to email!!

I concentrated on cleaning up the front end. The forks were OK, but heavily oxidised/damaged by stones etc... so I spent a couple of hours with the dremel and metal wool, rubbing them down and they turned out as the photo, so quite pleased. I need to find out what oil to put in them, and then I can fit them.

I have also found a local supplier of aluminium, so I bought a lump that I intend to use to cut out my rearsets from. Should be interesting! I will post photos as they come along!

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